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Teresa Manns Design's goal is always to help clients achieve the home of their dreams. Each project is as unique as the people who live within its four walls, and each design is approached with a thoughtful intent to create spaces that meet the ever-evolving needs of daily life. 

Client Consultation

Teresa's first goal is understanding the “why” of a project. What inspired the client to commit the time, energy, and financial resources to pursue this project? What is the client’s definition of success? The design team will delve into expectations, personal style, and most importantly, lifestyle to understand individual tastes and goals.

Classic dining room design with a timeless oak table, classic upholstered armchairs, a pendant dining room light fixture, and a built-in window nook.

Design and Planning

Teresa's collaborative working style is key to the design process, ensuring that each member of a project team is part of a collective, playing an important role in bringing designs to life. Seamless collaboration with architectural and construction teams allows her to integrate design into every aspect of a project — from lighting plans, room layout and sizing, millwork, and finishing details — to create cohesion, beauty, and optimal function.

In addition, Teresa seeks out fine craftsmen who bring historic elegance and incredible skill to restorations and new builds alike. Her dedication to supporting this workmanship imbues her projects with authenticity and preserves the continuity of increasingly rare arts.  


Teresa’s intimate knowledge of construction, principles of classicism, and architectural processes mean that timelines, budgets, and plans are handled in a thoughtful, knowledgeable fashion. The client always enjoys the benefits of working with a design team that is firmly rooted in purpose and process.


Installation is the most rewarding part of a project, and one that must be handled meticulously. Ensuring that all components are delivered, paying attention to differing deadlines and multiple vendors and craftsmen, is a challenge Teresa Manns Design is always equipped to meet. The ultimate goal is for Teresa's clients to experience the sheer joy of viewing their completed project in one memorable experience. 

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