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Client Consultation


The first order of business is to understand the “why” of a project. What brings the client to commit the time, energy and financial resources to pursue the project? My goal, always, is to help my clients achieve their dream. I’ll ask a lot of questions about lifestyle – family, pets, entertaining, tolerance (or lack thereof) for patina, hoping to draw them out and understand their intent.

Design and Planning


I will work with the architect in perfecting room layouts and sizing, making sure that there is space for living that makes sense. Lighting plans, space for window treatments, millwork details and finishes are all considered and detailed to create cohesion, beauty and optimal function. I am ever mindful of construction schedules and pride myself on staying on top of the process to keep the project moving along.



Installation is at once the most stressful and the most rewarding part of a project. Ensuring that all components are met and complete for move-in week is no small feat. Attention to differing deadlines, many purveyors and multiple professionals can be a challenge. Every detail must be considered and attended to. The goal is for the client to experience the completed project at once, so that the moment they see it, their reaction is one of sheer joy.

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