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Teresa Manns Design creates storied homes that reflect the ever-evolving needs of modern life. With an innate sense of style informed by her extensive travels and a design career spanning New York and the Midwest, founding designer Teresa Manns blends a storied, worldly design point of view with a down-to-earth sensibility. Teresa's intentional approach and adherence to principles of contemporary classicism create individualistic, livable spaces that instantly telegraph quality, craftsmanship, and refinement. 


Teresa, a Parsons grad who began her career under the mentorship of designer Steven Gambrel, believes that true beauty is in the details and works to ensure that every element — from the grand inspiration of custom, leather-wrapped crown molding to the precise placement of electrical outlets — is planned with a discerning eye and is executed flawlessly. Each of Teresa’s designs is created uniquely for those who will call it home, offering timeless elegance, modern ease, and storied beauty that will last for generations.

Stone fireplac with stement round glass light fixture, a classc red leather sofa, and frest green suede arm chairs. Designed by the timeless interior designer Teresa Manns of Teresa Manns Design, a Wisconsin based interior design firm


Global Travel

From the colorful tile work of Spain to the flea markets in Paris to the Georgian architecture of Ireland, Teresa Manns finds inspiration in her extensive global travels.


Vintage Character

To create timeless spaces, Teresa Manns Design blends modern design elements with vintage pieces sourced to reflect the homeowners’ personal interests and life experiences.  

Modern Traditionalism

Teresa Manns adheres to the principles of contemporary traditionalism, always taking into account client preferences and lifestyle.

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